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Friday, 31 October 2014


                 I LOVE SHOPPING ON QUIKR

Quikr is so quick in every task .One can sell anything or buy anything by just uploading their things on it. Best way to sell anything which you don't need or one which you want to upgrade by buying new one it helps in both ways.One can get money by selling old one and buy new one.One of my friend was looking forward to buy an used bike and whatever he was finding in the market,even though there were some really great models, the middlemen were charging him a hefty amount for those. I recommended him to try out www.Quikr.com and deal directly with a seller.He followed my advice and within 3 days he managed to get an used bike that was perfect for him and his budget and he was able to save a lot of money as well. He was happy because he bought this without giving commission to any agent so saved money and time both."So i can say sell anything at a comfort of your home and get rid off buying and selling agents"I would seriously recommend www.Quikr.com to anyone who is looking for quality and affordability so one can sell anything from small little thing like head phone or big like car on this site when you give your old things to your "RADDI WALA" you get just 100 to 200 rs even if it actually cost 5000 to 10000 but on www.Quikr.com  you can mention price according to your own wish and you get also by little bargaining. My latest buying is Moto E from this site which was only 15 days old . I chose Mobiles & tablets segment with the help of http://delhi.quikr.com/Mobiles-Tablets/cId-18224257 link and under different brands segments I chose Motorola ...I got various models under this and as I had already decided about the model , the search and selection was really simple and quick. I just had to mention the model MOTO E in the search box and I did get some results to choose from .An ad was given by the person who wants to sell this phone and staying nearby my place I searched it on www.quikr.com PROVIDED THEM MY CONTACT DETAILS he called me fix  model town metro station as meeting place We met there i checked that phone was just like new ,as he mentioned price RS 5099 on website but it's actual cost was 6500 actually he received this phone as a gift from his friend and he was using apple i phone already so i managed to save around 1500 in this deal now i am using it so i recommend this site to every near and dear for selling their stuff so i can say gone are the days when you need to go out to sell just earn money by clicking a picture of your product and upload it on www.quikr.com .

         Quikr India is a free local classifieds website where you can post free advertisements related a business, product and service offered in India.

So its a new way to sell and buy anything so quick everybody should try this site I recently sold off my 2 month old Nokia Lumia on www.quikr.com  without having to go through the hassles of finding any buyer myself. It had been just 5 days since I posted my ad on www.quikr.com . I got a call from a guy who was interested in buying my phone. We met and and showed him my phone and he bought .


My husband is one of the fussiest person, and he had been coaxing me to sell off all the extra things that we no longer required ever since we shifted our house. Although I had been ignoring it for a long time, but finally I gave up and listed all those things online and made my mom happy by selling off everything at prices that were pretty good for things that were practically too old to fetch a good enough price. I am glad that Quikr.com exists, as the website is really helpful and I would recommend it to anyone looking to sell off old things; or anyone who wants to do eveythinTg by sitting in home just upload and see the magic of QUIKR

 This  portal has taken forward strongly its identity of a thriving marketplace, one on which “Buyers meet Sellers” in its ads. However, the execution of this brand positioning is distinct from those of its competitors. Indian audiences and consumer buying trends are strongly driven by emotion. QUIKR India has played on this insight smartly by creating a series of engaging and interesting storyboards to drive home its advertisements.
  QUIKR campaign idea is based on a combination of an owners emotional attachment to his possessions and a never ending Indian fetish for a good bargain. It is noticeable QUIKR ads are of a longer duration, between the range of 20 to 30 seconds each. 
The portal has taken forward strongly its identity of a thriving marketplace, one on which “Buyers meet Sellers” in its ads. However, the execution of this brand positioning is distinct from those as its competitors.Make your pockets heavy and house clean by selling your thngs on best rates .New way to sell your old stuff or can be new also. So this is a new way to earn by selling your products which has no use in home. so need more space  then post your ad on QUIKR.

I am sure that we all have several things at home that we no longer use. Selling them at a local dealer is not a very good option because they are always glad to rig you. At QUIKR you can easily list your product and find a buyer that is willing to purchase it at your price.so overall we can say  


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